Three Ways To Prepare For Aptitude Testing

If you are in the process of applying for a job, you may find that aptitude testing may be a part of the hiring process. These test are being used by many employers as a way to assess your reasoning and thinking performance in relationship to the proposed job. Although these are multiple choice, they are almost always timed, and how quickly you are able to arrive at the right answers is a part of the test. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do that may help you put your best foot forward. 

Determine What Type Of Testing You Will Be Facing

Aptitude tests are designed to measure your fluid and crystallized intelligence. These are comprised of the skills and abilities you have that make up your overall intelligence. The differences in the two and the types of test used to measure them can be broken down as follows:

Fluid intelligence measures your lateral thinking skills. This is how well you think or problem solve on your feet. Testing in this area looks at how well you reason, problem solve, identify patterns, and integrate this information. Tests in this area are called by several names. You may see these listed as

  • Abstract reasoning tests
  • Verbal reasoning test
  • Numerical reasoning test
  • Inductive reasoning tests
  • Diagrammatic reasoning tests 

These types of tests help to measure your problem-solving strategies, how quickly you learn new skills, and how you integrate this new information into an end solution. 

Crystallized intelligence, on the other hand, measures knowledge that you have learned during past experiences and education. This type of knowledge is based on actual facts, information, and understanding you have amassed up to this point in your life.

Testing in this area may require you to demonstrate the actual skills you will be using as a part of the job, but you may also be required to perform aptitude testing that are listed as:

  • Spatial reasoning tests
  • Mechanical reasoning tests

Practice The Test In Advance

Although you will not know the exact test questions that you will be facing until you are presented with the test, if you have a general idea of the types of testing that you will be facing, you can go online and practice these types of aptitude questions. You can find a wide variety of practice tests in any of the categories that are listed above, as well as in other areas. Practicing in advance can help you:

  • Ease your test-taking anxiety
  • Recall repressed or forgotten knowledge
  • Practice unused skills
  • Gain confidence in your areas of mastery
  • Familiarize yourself with the testing process and questions and more

If you are unsure of what type of testing the company will be conducting, reach out to the recruiter or human resources personnel and ask. They will probably admire you for taking the initiative to ask.

Understand The Difference Between Speed And Power Tests

Many types of aptitude tests can be broken down into two main categories. These are:

  • Speed test
  • Power test

Speed testing is more concerned with how many questions you can answer in the allotted period of time. Although you want to try to come up with the correct answer when taking these types of test, you need to come up with it as quickly as possible. You do not want to spend an enormous amount of time performing complex calculations. On speed tests, it is usually in your best interest to skip questions that you do not know the answer to and return to these questions at the end of the test if you have remaining time. 

Power testing is more concerned with you performing the necessary calculations and coming up with the right answers to the questions. These questions are generally more complex than those you will find on speed tests and generally will involve fewer questions. Although you want to try to reach the right answer, you need to still make sure that you do not get bogged down on any one particular question and fail to complete others that you may be able to answer.

Once you have prepared for your tests, all you have to do is go and take them. Resist the urge to cram and practice excessively the night before. Spend this time getting a good night's sleep. The rest will help to put you in the best mind frame to do your best on your test.