Unique School Fundraising Ideas

Whether you are a school principal, teacher, PTO/PTA member, parent, or a member of a student club, you are likely well aware of the fact that funding your school's activities can be incredibly challenging. School trips and academic-related activities can be expensive, and it shouldn't be up to the school or parents alone to fund them. If your school needs a little financial boost, you should consider some unique fundraising ideas to get students, parents, teachers, and the community as a whole engaged and excited about helping the school get the funds that it needs.

Lemonade Stand Fundraiser

What is the old-fashioned way for young children to make some quick money? A lemonade stand, of course! So, why not transform this fun activity into a way to make money for the school? Assist the students in setting up lemonade stands at an upcoming school event, such as a basketball or football game. The students can take shifts in selling the lemonade, and all the proceeds from the stand can help fund a particular school project. It is ideal if you get the supplies for the stand donated to reduce costs and for maximum fundraising potential.   

Snowman Building Competition

Do you happen to live in an area that gets a lot of snow—or at least a decent amount of snow? If so, think about how many kids—and adults—enjoy building snowmen. Organizing and holding a snowman building competition on school grounds creates the perfect opportunity to raise money for your school trips, academic awards, etc. You can charge a preset amount per team for entry into the competition and have a prize—cash or otherwise—to offer the winning team.

Battle of the Bands

For many high school students as well as some younger students, music is a hobby. To give them a safe outlet to share their passion, consider a Battle of the Bands school fundraiser. More than likely, the school has the necessary sound equipment, and the contestants will have their own instruments.  Similar to a talent show, you will charge a fee for those who want to enter, which can be individuals or bands, and then charge an admission fee to come to watch. For additional ways to make money, you can consider making custom t-shirts, selling concessions, allowing the audience to vote for a nominal fee, etc. Just get creative!

For more information about unique school fundraising ideas, reach out to a fundraising program near you.