Three Ways To Prepare For Aptitude Testing

If you are in the process of applying for a job, you may find that aptitude testing may be a part of the hiring process. These test are being used by many employers as a way to assess your reasoning and thinking performance in relationship to the proposed job. Although these are multiple choice, they are almost always timed, and how quickly you are able to arrive at the right answers is a part of the test.

5 Tips for Getting into a PA School with a Lower GPA

Most physician assistant programs are highly competitive. This means that you need a well-rounded application that features a relatively high GPA in your undergraduate program in order to be accepted. The average GPA of students who were accepted into PA programs is 3.49, while students who applied but were not accepted have an average GPA of 3.16. While having a GPA slightly lower than the average GPA of accepted students does not mean that you will not be accepted, it does mean that you will need to make sure to present a strong application in other areas.

6 Tips For Obtaining A College Degree While Working Full-Time

Obtaining a college degree is a big deal and can improve your life in many ways. One of the biggest advantages of a college degree is that it can increase your earning potential. According to Business Insider, a college graduate will earn almost $600 for every lecture they sat through. If you have a full-time job, however, you may wonder if it is possible for you to go back to school.